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Nutrition and Health claims

Nutrition and health claims are regulated by Regulation (EC) nº 1924/2006, which serves as the legal framework for food businesses who want to highlight the benefits of a product in relation to health and nutrition on the label or in its advertising.

The aim of this legislation is to ensure that all statements are clear, precise and based on scientific evidence.

What are Nutrition Claims?

A nutrition claim refers to any claim that states, suggests or implies that a food has beneficial nutritional properties due to its caloric content and/or nutrients or other substances it contains.

What are Health Claims?

A health claim refers to any statement regarding the effect of the properties of a food, compound and/or nutrient on health. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is responsible for assessing the scientific evidence to support them.

How many types of health claims exist?

There are three types:


marca-salud-flaviconFunction Health Claims

marca-salud-flaviconRisk Reduction Claims

marca-salud-flaviconChildren’s Development Claims