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Nutrigenomic biomarkers

What is a nutrigenomic biomarker?

A nutrigenomic biomarker refers to a defined set of information regarding gene expression and/or protein and/or metabolite levels that, combined, could reflect the health status of a given physiologic process / BIOCLAIMS 

The identification and validation of robust biomarkers is essential to determine the effectiveness and benefits of a food compound on a specific physiological function; however, identification is complicated because the diet-gene interaction is complex. The main problem is that for many health disorders there are still no appropriate biomarkers available, or are not readily accessible, so it is not possible to show beneficial effects on functions, processes or effects of disease risk reduction that meet the criteria of Regulation (EC) nº 1924/2006.

How does MARCASALUD contribute to the progress in this field of study?

MARCASALUD contributes with the introduction and exchange of experiences of new tools for the study of biomarkers, from sampling to the use of new -omic technologies and other, resulting in the identification of new biomarkers of health.